Saturday, July 03, 2010


We headed over to play poker last night at the Yanok's.  Teresa and I both made points and some cash, I in the first game and she in the second.  You know we have to spread it out a little!  It was another great fun-filled night over there with all the great people we get to hang out with. 

It was all a little bittersweet though since it was the last game that JR will be playing there, before he leaves for Austin, Texas and his new job come August 1st.  He, Teresa, Cole, and I (and even JJ stopped by) yesterday afternoon at the pool to soak up some rays and drink some beer.  It was a great day just hanging out and talking about good times.  We all wish him well on this new adventure... and sincerely hope that one day he returns to the 'burg.  JR, you are my best-friend, and I will miss you, but I understand that you have to do this.  Just know that there's a lot of people here in Parkersburg, WV that love and care about you and that it's not going to change, despite the distance that will separate us!  And now before I start blubberin' and getting the keyboard all wet from tears I'll end this post...

Take Austin by storm Uncle June!



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BWoP said...

Please send JR my best!