Sunday, July 25, 2010

It's all a blur

It's all a blur... no really.  Ever since the announcement from JR that he was moving to Austin,TX at the end of this month, it's like life's been kicked into overdrive for me.  In addition to planning on a drive with him to Austin to haul his worldly possessions, his going away party which was this past Friday night, I've also found myself in the role of event planner for the Fraternal Order of Eagles.  This was one of the many roles previously filled by JR that it just seemed logical that I'd fill.  I have no regrets... BUT I would just say that he is owed a tremendous thanks for all the level of effort that he put forward to this, getting it off the ground in the first place with the original Pop Evil/Spider Rockets concert which he put together what seems like ages ago!  It was a helluva trail he blazed so long ago, these will be some big shoes to fill but as I've continued to tell Big Ric of Results Radio and 103.1 The Bear, I will give my absolute best to make it all come together.  Let's just all hope that my best is good enough!  : )  If Big Ric tells me to do something... I'm doing it, without question or hesitation.  So, if somewhere along the way I fail to explain my actions or get too demanding of those around me, let me apologize in advance... but know that I'm just trying to make these events as great as they've been so far, and just keep the ride going for as long as we can.  Maybe even leave our new fan base BEGGING FOR MORE!!!

On the immediate radar for the continuing concert season, on July 30th, we have RED coming to play.  This is on its way to be yet ANOTHER sold out event!!!  JR will still be around for this one, but I'm shadowing him so closely at this point that if he stops too quickly I'm going to run into him!  Beyond RED looming on the horizon is Bearfest Resurrection on August 28th.  This is an ENORMOUS production!  I don't think anyone can even fathom it, including all of us who are working to make it happen.  There are 5,000 tickets printed for this outdoor concert!  Big Ric has put together a lineup of national talent that is amazing.  The fact that these bands are coming to Parkersburg, WV is mind-boggling!  This is not a large town, but this is really happening people!  Our current lineup includes headliner Saving Abel!!!  Then, the others on the Main Stage include: Cavo, NonPoint, Bobaflex, Taddy Porter, American Bang, Black Sunshine, and Atom Smash.  On the 2nd Stage, which will alternate during transitions: Noise Auction, State Your Cause, Zeroking, Jinx'd, and In Another Life. I'm looking at every square inch of available space to get people parked, fed, and sufficiently hydrated!!!  Anyone ever given thought to exactly how much beer that many rock fans can put away in a 12+ hour event day!!!  I have...

Virtually on the heels of this we are currently in negotiations for a mid-September concert (back inside the club this time, thank goodness.)  I'm not at liberty to announce anything about that lest Big Ric, "...gut me like a fish!"  (did i get that quote right?) There are also some glimmers out on the distant wasteland of the future that may bring some fantastic opportunities our way.  These are indeed exciting times!  I was always happy to be a part of it... just seems that my levels of intensity have been taken up a few notches!  My adrenaline levels have GOT to be off the chart!  I must confide, I hope I'm found worthy in the end (whenever that is.)  I'm honored to be here... and honestly, I wouldn't change a damn thing about the situation, despite the fact that it's all a FRIGGIN' BLUR!!!



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