Sunday, September 06, 2009

Thought dump...

Great day yesterday! We took in the WVU game with friends here at the house, with some excellent food, and cold beer. Hung out all day and on into the night. Good times! I won't say much more about the Mountaineers except that, "well at least they won..." Oh, and Marshall also won in their season opener. Congrats.

Today, we go to Cole's football game, Our Tri-C Bullets head over to do battle with the Godbey Warhawks. Still not like I have to travel any distance as the field is like 5 minutes from the house. (Okay maybe 10 if I obey the speed limit on Gihon Road.) I'll likely see lots of friends there today on both sides of the field. Well that is up until the opening kickoff!

To all of you who still read the old blog, thanks a bunch. I know it has taken a recent hiatus from all things pokery. But there's just been so little time. I play all the tournaments still, NDPT, Eagles, Yanok's, Stanwick's but there has been very little in the online arena for me. Life's got to have its priorities. Family wins hands down... I don't even need to see a flop!

You've also likely noted some recapping of "turmoil..." Yes, there's been some. Yes, I've been involved (from both sides of the fence.) Yes, I'm still standing. Yes, my gainful employment will continue. Yes, the rumors swirling around about others are GREATLY exaggerated. Yes, some of the folks you think have been affected, in fact have NOT been. Yes, the tactics are shady. Yes, I think the ninth circle of hell is reserved for some of those conducting this witch hunt. Yes, I think the bad karma will eventually come back around and bite 'em in the ass. You find that inappropriate? Offensive? I assure you, not nearly as inappropriate or as offensive as I find the amount of time, effort, and dollars that are being wasted on this frivolous undertaking. Yes, the impact that this "investigation" is having on a lot of GOOD people is very troubling to me. In fact, the plight of others concerns me more than my own. It's wrong folks, and I think you know it. And I think you should start reading the writing on the wall and bring it to an end, quickly... before it's too late.



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