Saturday, April 17, 2010

Pop Evil coming to Eagles

Last night it was good to get together with friends at the Eagles and drink a few beers and relax.  We attended the Comedy Show which honestly was just so-so.  I liked the comedians that they had last time.  But, you can't always have the same comedians every time.  You have to try some new people.  I think in the future that some additional review should be done before booking a comedy act.  On the plus side, they had a drawing for Pop Evil tickets and I won one of them.  The Pop Evil show will be May 7th at the Fraternal Order of Eagles here in Parkersburg, WV.  The club will be open to the general public!!!  Tickets are currently available for $10!!!  In addition to the headline band, another of our local favorites Jinx'd will be opening.  This is definitely something new that the Eagles is trying to do to attract new people to our club and hold events that people are excited about coming out to.  And no, of course this music may not appeal to everyone, but judge for yourself.  Here's a link to "100 in a 55" by Pop Evil:

Or for a little more on the thrash side... : )  "Hero" at:


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