Thursday, April 22, 2010

Take your kids to work day...

Well for once Whitney and Cole got to attend "Take your kids to work day."  They didn't come along with me, but instead with their Papaw.  I've been in class all week, or just busy as all HELL and really just couldn't bring them along.  I'm certain that they had a much better time with him.  I did get to see them a couple of times throughout the day, so that was kind of nice too.  Plus, hey they got off school for a day... as a kid you LIVE for those moments!

Class goes on for one more day, and Scott, the instructor promises it'll be a short one at that.  He's clearly streamlined the fluff of the Domino Bootcamp.  He's been a great instructor and I hope to see him return in the future! 

I have to take Cole to baseball practice here very shortly, and watch...  It's been different so far this year not being out there as the coach.  For all those times that I had doubt's about myself as a coach, or my overall ability to work with the boys... having witnessed others doing it, I was no slouch as a coach!  I showed up (on time) paid attention to my team, and tried to teach them a thing or two.  I'll leave it at that...  But this year Cole is once again doing a lot of catching and really excels at it.  He has the size and has no fear of the fastpitch aimed at his face.

Work has been busy.  I'm putting in a lot of OT, lately.  I'm worn down, and they just keep heaping it on.  But I continue to learn and survive, and am feeling like I'm starting to get up to speed on supporting a system that was completely foreign to me when I took this job.  Of course I'll get it all learned and moved to something different, again... 

Poker, what's that, is it a game?  Sounds fun, maybe I can try it someday!  That part of my life's been lacking a little.  But there's just a lot going on.  My family (wife and kids) come first, then job.  There's of course bowling and baseball and softball and I had to create a dance/cheer mix for Whitney and Hannah to teach to a Jr. High School squad.  I'm continue my running at lunch time, putting in 3-miles per day, plus some on the weekend too.  Then at least 3 days a week I'm lifting weights too.  I'm feel better, I'm being forced to tighten the belt!  : )  Yeah ME!

Hope all is well for each of you.  I miss my blogger friends... I try to stay up on you all, but I don't check in as often as I'd like just because it's the nature of things.



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