Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Dark operations

I'd hoped for some relief from the duties which came my way last week; but the cavalry has as of yet never arrived. Mine, nor my team's responsibilities would have been enviable during this time. It has been stressful, and it is taking its toll on me and on us all. During the few quiet times I've found over the past couple weeks, I have simply slumped down in the chair and stared off into space.

If anyone is listening, enough with the covert activities! I'd like to be able to look my co-workers and my friends in the eye sometime real soon. I'd rather NOT be working on my poker face here in the office. That unflinching stare is getting hard to keep up for such a long time.

Apologies to all for the emotional walls I've constructed and here's hoping they're torn down very soon. Apologies also for the lack of blogging. Today's post is a promise of future posts to come of a more enjoyable nature. Today's is for me and blog-therapy for a fragile state of mind.



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