Saturday, July 04, 2009

WSOP 2009 Main Event Day 1a update, and other ramblings

1,116 players showed up for Day 1a of Event 57 - $10,000 World Championship No Limit Hold'em. 821 of those remain to continue when Days 1b, c, and d are completed and we actually move on to a Day 2. Scanning through the returners I spot Eli Elezra, Tom Schneider, Joe Serock, Vitaly Lunkin, Jimmy Fricke, Phil Laak, Michael Craig, Erik Cajelais, Tony G., Gus Hansen, Barry Shulman, Taylor Caby, Greg 'FBT' Mueller, Dewey Tomko, Mel Judah, Roland De Wolfe, Sam Farha, Beth Shak, Jon 'PearlJammer' Turner, Jennifer Tilly, and Johnny Chan.

Some of the casualties of Day 1a include: Andy Bloch, Allen Cunningham, Men 'The Master' Nguyen, Steve Billirakis, David Grey, Isaac Haxton, Orel Hershiser, Gabe Kaplan, Mark Vos, Freddy Deeb, Matthew Glantz, and Nelly.

Hey, I'm sure I may have missed some of the advancers and some of the bustouts that may be of interest to you; but I just skimmed through things to get a feel for the way things went. If I didn't list you or your favorite "pony" get your own blog and follow along at : )

In other news, closer to home here in the hills of WV... Big Red and I played poker last night at the Stanwick's home. They opted for the hosting duty while Yanok's are having some basement remodeling done. Thanks again by the way! I was the first bustout, having a case of 2nd best on a number of hands and then ramming chips toward the middle against Jill, and she turned over her pocket rockets. OOPS! Still I had a great time as always with everyone who was there. Them's my peeps! I went ahead and came home early leaving Red to finish and play in the 2nd game. I was a little anxious to get back and repair the virus/malware damage I'd done to my computer earlier in the evening. In an attempt to download another album for the iPod from the newgroups (shhhhh) I zigged when I shoulda zagged and unleashed a number pesky trojans. I'm now happy to report that all infections have been cleared up. Mostly thanks to ComboFix, one of the few scanning/cleaning tools that I found that wisely does it's work following a reboot and before all of Windows is loaded. It got to the heart of the problems and cleaned everything up. I was dealing with 'b.exe,' 'c.exe,' 'systemsecurity2009,' 'sopidkc.exe,' and 'overclick' within the browser. So, if you run into any of this crap, save yourself some time and frustration and skip ahead and give Combofix a try.

Today, we are headed over to Teresa's aunt's house for a cookout, and then later to Ellen's for the City Park fireworks festivities. Surely, I can smuggle in a beer there somewhere! Have a Happy 4th of July everyone!



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