Saturday, August 22, 2009


A great big bunch of you's showed up to play poker last night at the Eagles. And we set a new attendance record of 50 players! Can you say FIDDY! Additional chips are being ordered by the Aerie as a result. I thank you for your support of the Eagles, Uncle June, the NDPT, me, all things "pokery" in nature!

The top spot was chopped last night by Mr.'s Pugh and Wolfe, congratulations you guys! Nice payday! I was chipping up nicely early on, picking only a few careful spots to play, as the first table was pretty loose, and there were a couple of guys who'd never met a poker hand they didn't like. My demise came when I moved to a new table. 3 hands sealed the fate. I got involved in a hand with Frank. He called $100 from first position, I was after him and looked down at pocket 8's. I bumped it to $300. Only he called... the flop came K-Q-X, and he checked to me. I bet out, and then came the check raise-all-in. I conceded, and mucked. (And no Frank, contrary to what you might have thought, this was NOT one of my little position plays.) Still I had some chips to play with. A couple hands later, I look down at A9 of crubs, and opt to see the flop with another guy. I flop an Ace, but I'm cautious about my kicker. The other guy bets out the minimum, I call. In fact it went that way on every street... Unfortunately, the other guy who hadn't raised preflop, was sitting on a pair of Queens, and had also flopped a beautiful set. Now I was on life support... When the big blind finally got to me I just went all in dark. Same guy called me... with his AKos. I turn over the mystery 7-5os. He hit two pair, and I made my walk of shame. Of course I later saw that he busted out before the final table.

I opted to leave not long after that... Big Red stuck around for some cash game antics. I hear that the pots, and the buyins were juicy. In the span of like 5 minutes while I was still there I say a $100 buyin and a $200 buyin. Both had just busted and were coming back in for revenge. That's a dangerous time for all at the table but also one which can be extremely profitable. Hope everyone had a great time at both the tourney and the subsequent cash games.

Thank you all again for making it a great night, and we look forward to seeing you all again really soon!



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