Thursday, August 20, 2009

Survive...the cheer_dad story

In the movie they one day make about my life... Jim Morrison's ominously haunting voice will most assuredly belt out "No One Here Gets Out Alive" on the Soundtrack. This week though, being nearly over, I may actually have a shot at it in the short term. Survival, congratulations kid ya made it! The workday is nearly over for the day. Only Friday remains, and hey due to this weekend's Parkersburg Homecoming celebration, the Bureau will dismiss employees early. No, most certainly not out of the kindness of their hearts. The city just needs all the parking that we government workers occupy. So, I only gotta survive for 5 hours tomorrow, then I'm home free! Of course I have to wonder what an Eagles drawing night just might do to my withered battle-worn body tonight. Hey, lighten up folks, I'm taking the boy child to football practice and doing all the Super Dad things first. As always, family first. But after that, Miller Time is an option!

Tomorrow night we have the Eagles Poker Tournament as well, starting at 7:00pm on the dot---ish. 25 dolla, make u holla... Last time we had 47 people. We'd love to break the record, and pack the joint, so please by all means come one, come all. Registration begins at 6:00. If you're new to the club... just ask for JR (a.k.a. Uncle June, or el presidente) or me, cheer_dad. You really don't wanna know my "a.k.a's" then all the mystery and flare would disappear. The blog would dry up, poker would die, dogs would sleep with cats, anarchy would ensue... and then I ask you what would become of the movie of my life. Stay tuned for the future, I'm planning some really cool moments in my future to help pick up the pace in the plot thus far, which admittedly has been a little ho-hum.



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