Friday, August 14, 2009

I'm a fish!

I remember all the fun at the poker tables. I remember the suckouts, the badbeats, drinking too much, day after hangovers, going all in with rags, calling with crappy hands and winning, playing damn near every hand, dragging much more than the occasional pot, getting it in bad, and witnessing river miracles. I was a fish, and wow was it a lot of fun. It wasn't something to dwell on and think about! Hell, I wasn't trying to make money at it (and did a little) it was a social activity with my friends over 5 years ago, when the NDPT started throwing nickels and dimes around on a table. The cards were usually getting in the way of our mass quantities of beer and chicken wings... and NOT the other way around. It was a great time! And your humble blogger, cheer_dad needs him some joy in his life and deserves a little WTF time!!! : ) So boys... and girls come ready tonight to the Yanok's to set your hook deep into my friggin' gills. I'm itching to play some cards and drink some (lotsa) beer and nibble at the pot like there's power bait dangled out there in front of me. Tonight, I'm your huckleberry biyatch...

I'm a fish... indeed!



P.S. Thank goodness, they're setting up cornhole in the back yard. Clearly, I'll be out back... but I'll keep the beer nice and cold! : )

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