Monday, August 03, 2009

PokerStars credit returned

Awhile back I made a deposit to PokerStars. ACH transfer direct from my account, no fuss no muss... and I started playing. About a month went by, and actually while I was on vacation I got an email stating that the transaction had never gone through and the "payment processor" had dropped the ball and never taken the money out of my account, so PokerStars was deducting from my account. Lucky for me, I still had a positive balance! : ) But... the real problem was that the transaction HAD taken place and the money was no longer in my bank account or now my PokerStars account. I say all that to say this... after extensive effort and time, I was finally able to provide the "proof" to PokerStars and their payment processor and they put the money back into my account. Whew! Well they coulda at least gave me a lil sumpin' sumpin' for my pain and suffering! Hey, I'm not cheap, but I can be bought. Okay, maybe I'm cheap too! I've got about 20-ish days left on my trial of PokerTracker 3 to work with and hope in that amount of time I can "win" enough cash to pay for the software. I'm sold on it either way. The value of the statistics is undeniable. There's money to be made at the tables just playing position let alone having a firm grasp of the game. I can't argue it. I've even had some rough, suck-out city sessions since I started playing and I've still been on a slow, steady bankroll rise. So, the trial version definitely got me hooked. Of course my problem now is that there aren't enough hours in the day for work, sleep, Cole's football, Whitney's gymnastics and cheerleading clinics, and my nervous breakdowns to allow for sufficient pokery goodness. Hmmmm, maybe that sleep thing is optional?!?

Also, some of you may be wondering about the cryptic messages of late out here on the ole blog. I hope you've deciphered them and are putting into practice my advice. I think it's wrong, and despicable. But, I refuse to be the blunt object with which they will beat my friends over the head.



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