Saturday, May 22, 2010


Finally sitting down today and beginning to feel just how tired I am. I went out to start mowing the grass at 10:30.  Finished that, weedeating and then thought I'd start trimming the landscaping and just spruce things up.  Just as I was looking forward to finishing up... my mom and dad show up.  They've picked today to continue working on the garden for Cole.  Not really the gardening part, but the building of the "box" and the chicken wire structure that has to be built around it to keep the wildlife of the neighborhood from tearing it up...  So if that confuses any of you... it should.  Suffice it to say that my workday was not complete.  At 5:30 we picked up the tools and I finally headed in to take a shower... remembering that I meant to put on some sunscreen at some point that never seemed to arrive.  Now, I'm tired, achy... and wondering if I fall asleep in the midst of this posting would anyone even notice, or care. 

But it's been a good, and rewarding day.  Lots of stuff accomplished! 

Tomorrow, Teresa and I are heading to Columbus, OH for Day 2 of Rock on the Range!!!  
In the lineup tomorrow are Five Finger Death Punch, Theory of a Deadman, Slash, Seether, Rob Zombie and Limp Bizkit!  I see massive quantities of beer in my future as well.  Uncle June, Frank, and Chris are already there baking their bodies in the sun, pickling their livers and well, you know just having a great time.. I'll try to report back on the antics, and if possible to avoid obscenity laws, maybe even post a few pictures.

Have a great evening all!



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