Monday, May 24, 2010

Rock on the Range 2010

What a great time at Rock on the Range 2010!  Teresa and I met up with Frank, Chris and Uncle June then the music and mass quantities of alcohol began.  Even Teresa had a good time!  Today she was retelling the stories of the "crowd surfers," and said, "I'm 41 years old and that was my first mosh pit!"  I'm a little achy after all the tosses of the random bodies that were flying overhead!  What a great day!  We left a little earlier than planned but it was probably for the best since I had a dental appointment earlier this morning to get to.  I made it.  Of course the pricetag was extreme... getting a couple fillings replaced that were giving me fits.  I'll be working some serious OT to make up for those! 

While at Rock on the Range, we met up with other friends and made some new ones too.  Even bumped in to Doug from local band Jinx'd!  Always good to see him and the other guys.  I really liked some of the lesser known bands, including Shaman's Harvest which I found to be really good and bluesy.  I'd have to suggest them for a possible opening act at say an Eagles concert...?  : )

Really enjoying the Summer concert circuit that just kind of happened this year!  I will defintely be going back to ROTR, and really am convinced that I'm going to become a basic concert regular from now on.  There's just something about the crowd and the music that really makes me feel good!  Next up, we get our "country" on, by going to see Brooks and Dunn for their farewell tour! 

Time to get Cole ready for baseball at Mineral Wells tonight.  Have a great night everyone.



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