Sunday, May 16, 2010

Good weekend

Quiet morning...  Whitney spent the night with her cousins.  Cole went back with my parents so he could hunt again this morning, so it was just Teresa and I this morning.  Slept in, I then went to get us coffee and bagels from Tim Horton's.  Just an enjoyable time...

Enjoyed the poker game on Friday night at the Eagles.  No, we didn't win... but wow what a crowd of 59 players.  I got a lot of good compliments on the way this tournament is run.  Straight, organized, and none of that "rebuy" crap that they all hate so much.  hehe!  Walt asked me if I would serve on the Finance Committee this year at the Eagles, and I told him I would.  Then, he approached me again and asked if I would serve as an officer (Chaplain.)  I'm not sure about the latter yet, but I'm leaning toward doing it.  There are certainly some good things going on at the Eagles that I'd like to see continue on, and I think my support (and that of a lot of the rest of you Eagles members who read the blog) is most certainly needed.  Otherwise the club is going to fall back into some of the old ways.  There is no future in that.  Later that same night, I talked to two of the guys from Jinx'd who showed up and were hackin' it up doing Karaoke.  They were having a good time, and everyone else enjoyed it too.  Thanks for the unexpected entertainment Doug and Luke.

Yesterday had mowing to do (actually got a little too much sun) as the shoulders feel a little tender this morning.  Also, had dad show up to setup Cole's garden box.  His plants are almost ready to go in the ground.  We'll see how his little farmer experiment goes.  But he seems really excited about it all.

Heading for a cookout later on with friends... and then I'm sure there will be a grocery run somewhere in there as well.  Oh well...  all good things and weekends must come to an end.



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