Monday, May 10, 2010

This is a Monday?

It just can't be... a Monday, really?  No, the statement doesn't suggest that I've "lost time" in some drunken binge or other.  Although I could totally back that up.  But the reason is, so far this has been a great Monday, and we all know my typical loathing for the beginning of the week.  Now, I was off work today (gotta love the AWS day) but I have a sense of accomplishment.  I got up, hopped out of bed and went for a run from the house to Fort Boreman Park and back again.  I didn't even pause (long) to enjoy the view from the overlook, I was enjoying the run so much.  It was under an hour's run, and it felt good.  I probably still look a bit like a Penguin Runner but hey there's a whole bunch of us out there.  Mock us if you will as you drive by in your shiny cars, and point.  But this is about me... I feel better for having starting my running regimen up again and then further coupling it with some weight training.  It makes the poker games and copious amounts of Miller Lite I indulge in from time-to-time feel a little less bad.

I got a text from Uncle June, asking if I could take care of getting posters made up for the next concert event at the Eagles, featuring Black Stone Cherry  and local favorite JINX'D.  Surprisingly, that was a QUICK errand to run!  Went to Sir Speedy and got fantastic service... okay she was a brunette.  : P  (i kidding big red, i kidding!)  Great design courtesy of JINX'D bandmember Luke!  The concert is scheduled for June 9th (Wednesday) at 8pm.  Be there people, I promise you a fantastic rockin' time! 

Getting ready to pick up Cole from school, take him to the dentist, and then later to his baseball game.  The day seems to have had purpose and I've enjoyed it.  Monday is throwing me for loop here folks.  Maybe it's been my attitude all along???  Nah, it couldn't be that.  Anyway, I hope your day is going along smoothly too. 



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