Wednesday, May 05, 2010

It's been THAT week...

you know the one from hell, that you feel used and abuse.  Road hard and put away wet.  Taken advantage of, getting it from both sides, rock meets hard friggin' place.  Well the hell with all that.  Bring it bitches!  The cheer_dad's not gonna roll over like some punk.  I've been rolling around on this mudball far too long to take much more of your bullshit.  My breakpoint always seems to be that hazy spot far out on the horizon but back there where you blinked, yeah we got there.  I'll be doing the driving now, sit back and relax!

The workplace has definitely got its pound of flesh for the week already.  The "upgrade" tangent we've been on is beginning to resemble the death of a star.  A massive surge of energy and light and then utter collapse, darkness, void, and vacuum (and yes it sucks too!)  BUT, the brilliant minds didn't need our help to look stupid.  They did it all on their own, unfortunately dragged us along for the ride. 

I got a little bent out of shape the latter part of today over it all, and then reached a point of peace.  You know... I'm remembering something... they still need me for this pile of monstrous work they've amassed.  The break neck pace to satisfy my own sense of worth and ability will continue at the pace I DECIDE.  I will work to the best of my ability.  No one but I can make that happen.  Their urgings and outlandish demands in hindsight as I'll show them all have only dragged down the pace.  Whatever IT is, we'll do IT in spite of them.  And maybe even to spite 'em just a little too.

I'm takin' the ownership back, the cheer_dad has spoken.



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