Thursday, May 06, 2010

With only a slight deviation from sanity,

I return.  Hello NDPT'ers!  The week is drawing to a close, only a Friday to face.  The work week has been trying.  (We'll leave it at that.)  But a quick 9-ish hours of work tomorrow, with a noon-time 3 mile run and the weekend is mine.  Friday night I'll be at the Eagles for the SOLD-OUT concert for rock recording artist Pop Evil, opening for them is another touring band Spider Rockets, AND as an added bonus a local favorite JINX'D.  It promises to be a phenomenal, profitable Friday night for our local Eagles Aerie.  And you know me, I love me some music... in all its many forms.  Hope you've got tickets and if you see me there please say hello, and feel free to either buy me a beer or call me a cab!  : P

Speaking of music I'm ecstatic to also report that among my other concert go-ing activities include for the summer/fall season... (the tix are purchased, the credit card's drawing interest)

Brooks and Dunn's farewell tour
Rush, the Time Machine Tour (full Moving Pictures era concert)
Pink Floyd's, Roger Waters Epic performance of THE WALL!

I am truly and ever shall be comfortably numb.

Life... wow!



P.S.  In pokery type news... Tournament(s) Saturday night at the Yanok's, 7pm.
Sunday night at 7pm, the Shriners host (at the Eagles) their fundraiser tourney, 7pm.

Then, finally May 14th, the Eagles regularly scheduled tournament which has been consistently holding above the 50 player mark!  Fantastic, exciting times abound... if you just go looking for the upside of things! 

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