Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Aw c'mon...

I mentioned it on Facebook this morning, but it bears repeating. What's with the friggin' frosted windshields that I've had to scrape for the last 2 days!!! I mean, c'mon it's May!!! What gives?

Work has already made the blood boil this morning. I've been trying to get a replacement server properly provisioned now for over a week. And the last and final hurdle to get things working was a network port request. Let alone the fact that I had asked for this server to be setup in the same groups, with the same ports, and to be damn near a mirror image of it's counterpart... I have had to request from the network monkeys a ruleset review, which I had to sign for and then fully review the 3 page printout (no electronic copy.) Then, finding that the things I needed were covered by 2 distinct groups, at the high level, which included a subset of ports and additional server, I asked the question... How do I transfer that simple request onto their complex form which is required. The answer was... you don't. I need to submit every single port that I want and specifically enumerate each and every single one of them. All three pages worth. Then, they'll review it and decide what groups if any it needs to go in. There is no other way. So let's just say, f-bombs were lobbed and now would NOT be a good time for me to have my blood pressure checked. It was loads of fun wasting time, typing up the three pages worth of ACLs instead of identifying the 2 groups to add the single server to. Thanks guys... luv ya, mean it!

Many other matters beginning to get under my skin. I've only been trying to get this post out since like 7am...



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