Wednesday, May 27, 2009

I'm just so excited!

The day of days is here once again (sniff, sniff) and I haven't been able to prepare myself for the coming information overload that the fine folks over at will soon be providing via their Live Reporting. I'm of course speaking of the beginning of the 40th Annual World Series of Poker. I think I feel tears welling up as I type this post out. One of these days, I'll just be there to watch the spectacle for myself... but until then these great writers/bloggers will allow me to truly live vicariously. I thank you all for the thrills of last years coverage... and for all the joy you will bring whilst you cover the WSOP 2009!!! You guys and gals certainly ROCK!

The long weekend was mis-spent on honey-do projects and cookouts and such, instead of knuckling down for the coming poker onslaught. But never one to shirk from a fight... I'll do my best. I may be black and blue but I ain't gonna quit! Good luck to all of you who will be partaking in one of the many (57) events. May your dreams become reality. And don't forget your lowly ole buddy cheer_dad was sending you positive vibes and chanting incantations throughout your ordeals. : )

Are you all as excited about this as I am? Hello, is this thing on? Does anyone even read this thing anymore? Read or not... I'll be updating as often as I think I can, without rilling up the Bureau Overlords!

Happy WSOP'ing!!!



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Jr. said...

Let the games begin! ;-)