Thursday, May 21, 2009

Meeting up with an old friend

The work week is nearing an end. Less than an hour remains of the day, and then only Friday remains... and it'll be casual of course. There will be shorts on the cheer_dad tomorrow... ladies you may now begin to swoon. Oh yeah, I'll flex the calves! Okay, I'll stop now, I think even I threw up a lil in mouth there. Right after work, I have to rush home, change and get Cole motivated to do the same and away we'll head to Vienna to play some more baseball. Rumor is that the team we're to play isn't very good, BUT tonight... I'm bringing in my younger players from the far reaches of the outfield and their butterfly chasing ways to "play in the show" as it were. So, who knows how it'll all go down. This game, which is outside our usual league, and therefore doesn't count toward the tally of win/loss. Not that I care so much one way or the other, but it's an all-important issue for the other teams in the league. We haven't won all of our games... but I can say this, that when the boys are "on" they can play with the best of them. The beginning of the season there was definitely some struggle. But since then, we've faced off against the best of teams and hung with them. Beat the undefeated team 5-3 one evening AND lost by only 1-run to the other leading team at this point. So, the boys have learned some baseball. I've discovered a diamond in the rough, in a pitcher that no one had ever given a chance before. He's got some attention stuff going on, BUT all that seems to go away for him when he's on the mound. The boy's found something to be proud of within himself. That's important. I'd rather my boys learn those things than win every game... and poor sportsmanship. Last game we lost, was further irritated by the opposing coach trying to pull a fast one, by deliberately trying to pitch a boy for more innings than the league allows. He knew it and so did everyone other idiot in the crowd. They were all willing to look the other way. I felt bad for the kid when I called time and informed them that the pitcher on the mound was done, and asked who they were putting in next. For all the prickish things though that I've let slide by me, from some of these other guys though... it didn't bother me that much. I don't like angle shooting in poker... and I'll not accept it in baseball either. (Whew, had to reach to get in a poker mention on the ole poker blog.) Sorry, just too much other stuff is going on. Although, I will mention that my cashout appears to have been totally successful from Bodog! 3rd party company, with a Canadian Bank's check, backed by a New York bank... all in U.S. currency. So, unless it goes boing-boing later it was a quick and painless process. Now where to move the money to.

I mention in the title of this post that I'll be meeting up with an old friend. And that's true, tonight after baseball and a quick cleanup. I'll be off to meet my ole pal Jack Daniels!!! It's been a long hard week, and I just can't wait the extra day til the weekend to throw back a few libations! Hope to see (blurrily) you there!



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