Thursday, May 28, 2009

WSOP 2009 Event #2 is underway

This is the 40th Annual NLHE (4-day) event which has a $40,000 buyin, as a sort of celebration of the WSOP's 40th year. According to initial player counts by the folks over at "change100" and "Shamus" there are 184 players registered to play; however they clearly note that players can join in through the first two blinds rounds! I'm not sure I can imagine sitting down at a $40,000 buyin event, much less showing up late for the thing! The reporters have made mention of a "Table of Death" which most of the time would be the table you want to avoid, but with so many pro's and heavy hitters in the room for this event, they remark that nearly every table is fraught with disaster! I really can't do this justice by commenting further. Reading through the list of names on the chip counts tab reads like a Who's Who of Poker!

That's really all I have time for, as it's time for me to head for the house and get ready for tonight's Keith Urban concert. See ya!



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