Friday, May 29, 2009

Keith Urban Concert, Charleston WV

This is just one of the many pictures that were taken at the Keith Urban concert last night. This one wasn't bad for being taken by my cellphone's camera. Uncle June says he's got a lot of good pictures, that he has to get to me. Teresa, Laura, JR, and I ALL had a great time last night. Teresa claims to have pawed Keith Urban as he made his way through the floor crowd. The man may never be the same, after gettin' just a little of Big Red! We had great seats, although we abandoned them for the 2nd half of the concert, and hung out with the whole mob in the aisles. Very entertaining show to say the least. And the confetti you see flying around... that stuff ended up in some very interesting places. I'll get some more pictures uploaded soon.


Stanley said...


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TaylorSwift said...

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