Tuesday, June 09, 2009

I'm done...

I won't be turning the other cheek. Don't ask... Maybe it's not personal, but I'm taking it that way. Did they mean it this way, maybe not, but they're still all a bunch of mutherless fucks. Let me be very clear, I'm done. You've insulted my son, and indirectly some other very good players on my team and for that matter, me too. I will not be taking on the Coaching Spot of the "B" All Stars Baseball Team for Tri-C, which they will very likely be asking me to do tonight. My son will not be playing on the "B" All Stars, or for that matter at this point (if it were offered) on the "A" All Stars either. We are both through. Furthermore, we will not be back to Tri C Baseball next year. I'll find somewhere else for my son to play next year, or he won't play at all. Also, the organization can not only kiss my ass, but can very likely kiss goodbye, two of their team sponsors for next year, since for 6 years now, I have secured first one sponsor and now two for Tri-C Baseball, because I fully supported youth baseball. Now, I will do whatever I can to block these sponsorships from happening again in the future. People it takes a while to light this fuse... but congratulations you did it, and this fire won't soon cool. So, in summation, if you've not got the point: Fuck 'em, I'm done. Don't ask me for anything more, and expect even less.




SirFWALGMan said...

Kids baseball is so political. I have to laugh even at my sons 10yr old team. I usually do not say much because I know fuckall about Baseball but you would think when a kid pitches a 11 pitch inning he might get in for the next one instead of the coaches friends son. Anyway good luck to you.

cheer_dad said...

"Kids baseball is so political." --truer words were never written! I wasn't a sports guy, growing up, but my son is... and he has become a good player through effort and determination. In fact, his interest has created for us both a love of the game of baseball. Watching him catch a game, and absolutely refusing to come out even when he's hurt and tired after 5 innings behind the plate and muttering to me, "leave me in here coach... we can beat these guys!" To say that I'm proud of my son would be an understatement.