Wednesday, June 03, 2009

WSOP 2009 Events 4-8 continue, 9, 10 to start today

Day 3 of Event #4 - $1,000 No Limit Hold'em, has completed and the original starting 6,012 have been reduced to the final 9. According to reports players dropped more quickly than expected and the day came to an end a bit earlier, but it was still deemed that playing on to a winner would take far too long. So when things resume today, we will finally have our winner. The gulf between 9th place and 1st place is $114,168 vs $771,106+ a lil bit o bling.

Day 2 of Event #5 - $1,500 Pot Limit Omaha came to an end as well, and we are down to the final 9 out of the original starting 809 players. The difference between 9th and 1st here is $15,593 vs $237,415+ the WSOP bracelet.

Day 2 of Event #6 - $10,000 World Championship Seven Card Stud played on for around 13 hours yesterday! Play was finally ended when they reached the final 11 players. A quick view of those remaining, reveals Eric Drache currently in the chip lead with 785,000. Others among the crowd which catch my eye anyway are Hasan Habib, Jeff Lisandro, Max Pescatori, Greg 'FBT Mueller, and Daniel Negreanu (who is currently in 9th place with 191,000 in chips. There's still liable to be some fight left in this event, with a payout of $29,152 for 11th place, vs $373,744 for 1st.

Day 1 of Event #7 - $1,500 No Limit Hold'em concluded with 338 players remaining of the starting 2,791. The top 297 players will get paid in this event, with a top prize of $666,853 awaiting the victor. As luck would have it the current chip leader is "Victor" Greeley. : )

Day 1 of Event #8 - $2,500 No Limit Deuce to Seven Draw came to a close just a couple of hours ago. 35 of the starting 147 players remain. Only the top 21 will see a payday on this one. Some notable players remaining include (by last name recognition only) Ivey, Lindgren, Deeb, Juanda, Seidel, Greenstein, Flack, Danzer and Hellmuth. Top prize in the event will payout $96,361... and the bracelet of course.

Event #9 $1,500 Six-handed No Limit Hold'em will get underway today at Noon PST, and Event #10 $2,500 Pot Limit Hold'em/Omaha will start at 5:00pm PST.

Again, thanks to all the fantastic reporting by the staff. You folks are doing a great job. I for one greatly appreciate being able to live vicariously through your words. Thank you!!!



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